Codeigniter Framework release new V4.1.0


The Codeiginiter Foundation as at today (1st Feb 2021) release a new version 4.1.0 of the framework.

Codeigniter has just been one of the most popular and easy to use PHP Framework. But as we all known in the recent days it begin to lose it poplularity to river Laravel due to lack of modern PHP codes like (Namespaces, Trait) etc.

On Febuary 24 2020 the Codeigniter Foundation announce a brand new Rewrite Codeigniter Framework version 4 which now support the modern PHP Code and much more nicer structer. Hopefully the framework now started to get back on track as a modern PHP framework to start competition with the rivers out there.

The Codeigniter Foundation has put so much effort int he currrent release version 4.1.0 which now perform some cool feature and PHP 8 fully compatible. It says the version 4.0.5/4.1.0 will be the last Codeigniter version that can be supportted by PHP 7.2 any later realease version will no longer be supported by PHP 7.2 which means the framework will now require PHP 7.3x

Let have a glance at some new feature of teh version 4.1.0:

PHP 8 is now fully and officially supported

If you notice in the Codeigniter version 4.0.3 it reported so manu error why trying to run in in the new PHP version 8. So the team has put so much effort to make the new release compatible with the latest PHP version.

CLI Generatiors

We all use use framework to make out building more faster and easy in the previous Codeigniter ver will all need to creae our Controllers, Filters, Model manually. And will all know in Laravel all the file can me created using the artisan command. The CI team as now announce the the latest version now support CLI Generator which means our spark command can now perform this action for use like Creating our Controllers, Filters, Model file for us.

Example: Let generate a controller file with spark command.

php spark make:controller UserController

You can find out more about this feature in the User Guide

The other important new feature mention by the team are:

  1. Updates to the class handling system now allow overriding of core services
  2. The beloved "Model" has now been split into a Base and a "SQL-Model" to make space for future NoSQL support
  3. Lots of updates to the development toolkit make it easier for you to analyze and test your projects, and use CI/CD pipelines
  4. Quite a few of the Config classes have been split out to make it cleaner and clearer where to go to alter service behavior

A very nice improvement and a big Thank You to all the CI contributors!



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Codeigniter is getting better and stronger.


3 years ago Nigeria

Good News from the Codeigniter Foundation. A very flexible and Simplicity framework.