About Codewigs?

Codewigs is an online General Digital Marketplace

This is an Open Marketplace where Developers offer their handcraft project to the target customer in exchange for cash. It enable teh customer to get in direct contact with a developer to make a complete transaction on a paticular item.

Codewigs is an easy to use plartform for purchasing of digital products like PHP Scripts, Graphics & Designs, Thems, Templates, Plugins and many more. It is a plartform which provide a wide ranges of varities features for bothe the Seller and the Buyer!

Codewigs make it very easy and confortable for Developers and Desinger to work directly from home without any sign of fund loss. We also ensure the buyer also get the expected result for the item he or she purchase on codewigs with 100% Risk freee money back garantee.

How does CodeWigs Operate?

Codewigs operate in an efficent way to give satifactory to both the Buyer and the Seller

We allow a developer or a designer to upload thier amazing work for sale on our market we make a proper review on every item uploaded on our maketplace to ensure that our buyers does not get a Mailicious item on their ends

Our authors can trust us with thier earnings on our marketplace we keep proper record of every financial related issue. We make sure all author are clear on how there credit balance came in and spent in the statement breakdown.

We also encourage a non developer or designer to generate an income from the Affilate program all users are eligable for this system you will earn a whooping of %10 of every item sales via your ref link. All earning are garantee to be paid out to your local Finiancial Institution.


Why Choose Us?

Below are few reasom why you should trust us

Secure Payment

Our payment system are ensure with maximum security to protected for safty payment

Quality Products

All product listed on our maketplace are carefully reviewed by my review team before approved.

100% Money Back

Are you not happy with what you bought we offer a 30 days money back garantee.

User Friendly

We make our website user friendly and easy to moave arround without geting lost. Help your self out easily

Discuss with others

We provide a general purpose forum section where users can interact with each others.

24/7 Support

Codewigs help center customer server are fully available to get in touch with any time of the day!