Six Definitive Signs That Your Current Career Isn't Right for You


Your career is a journey just like many other key areas in your life. When you set your sights on a career path, your goal will most likely be to remain on that path for as long as you can work. However, things will not always work out the way you planned and you may need to make one or more career changes before you find your dream job. If you've been working for some time and you're starting to have doubts about your current career, take some time out to look out for the six sure signs that your career isn't right for you. 

1. The Job Isn't What Gets You Out of Bed in the Morning 

If you have a career you love, it would be one of the key reasons why you get up early in the morning. If you always wish to sleep in and feel terrible about that alarm that wakes you up in the morning, you might not be on the right career path. While everyone enjoys sleeping in from time to time, those on the right career path are usually too excited to sleep more than they need to on a working night. 

2. You're Driven by Material Benefits Alone 

People work to pay the bills but that isn't the only drive you should have for going to work every day. The more money and benefits you get from a job, the less likely you'll be to leave it even when it makes you feel miserable. So, when you're trying to determine if your current career is right for you, remove material benefits as a factor and focus on feelings that money can't buy. 

3. It Doesn't Pay for Your Necessities 

The fact that you shouldn't stick to a bad job because of the material benefits doesn't mean you should stick to a job that can barely pay your bills. There is no point toiling over an employment opportunity that doesn't bring in enough money to pay for your food, housing, and a few luxuries. If you are stuck with a low paying job because you lack the qualifications you need to move forward, consider taking an online job training course on

4. Your Strengths Are Underutilized 

There are few things more fulfilling than finding a career that allows you to utilize all your natural strengths. Everything else will fall into place if your career brings out the best in you. You'll feel satisfied and happier than when you're not stuck doing something that holds you back. If you're someone who likes being out in the field, you're never going to feel fulfilled working behind a desk in a confined space. 

5. You Don't Believe in the Company's Vision and Mission 

Every company has a goal and workers work to ensure that these goals are realized. If the vision and mission of your job don't match your core principles, you're most likely on the wrong path. For example, an environmentalist isn't going to find peace and fulfillment working in an oil drilling company. If you're a pro-life activist, you can't be satisfied working in Planned Parenthood. Both jobs are against everything you believe in so you'll always conflict with yourself mentally. 

6. You Have a Gut Feeling That You're on the Wrong Path 

Your gut feeling is usually right when you have good intuition. If you're having a gut feeling about your current career, that might be enough to propel a complete reevaluation of your career. You might need to dig deeper into the origin of these feelings and perform a career assessment test after you've sorted your feelings out. You'll get much-needed clarity from the test. Always trust your gut especially when it comes to your career life. 


When you test positive to a few or all of the six signs above, you need to work on getting a new career as soon as possible. You might need to upskill by joining an online bootcamp. There is a list of free online courses for anyone interested in learning a tech skill. You might find interest in the tech industry and look for a new job based on your new-found skill. 

This post was last edit on Mar 11, 2021 by Zubdev