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What is included in support for item i purchased?

Codewigs Reps

When you purchase an item you will receive free support from the author of the item you purchase. You are eligable to receive a relevant support from the author for a limited month base on the item license your purchase. If item license is Regular License your a eligable to recieve support from the authors for Six (6) Months If item purchase is Extended License you are eligable to receive unlimited support from the authorsat  arelevant time.

We expected the authors to make support reply approach with Three (3) working business days from the time you post the support questing in the the Support/Question section. If in case the author did not make any reply approach please do not be haste to Contact Us we will try to help you out.

Note: Support are not given for the following related reasons

  1. Installation of item
  2. Support for ThirdParty Softwares
  3. Configuratins of the enviroment where the item will have to work on
  4. Adjusting server prefrences to work with item.

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