What are Codewigs item license?

Codewigs Reps

Codewigs as a Digital Marketplace offer two(2) Mainly item licensing which are Regular and Extended license.

Regular License

A regular license allow an item to be use once by you or unbehalf of a client. This license can on be use on only one commercial used. In additon if an item is protected with a License Verification Code this means that the code associated with the item can only be use once and can no longer be useful any where else or either for item verification or any other purpose. Any item purchase on a regular license can not be redistribute, resale on it own or part of a project planing to be sale or redistribute. Regular license item are only availbel for one personal use purpose only or unbehalf of a client.


Extended License

An extended license allow an item to be use unlimited either for personal commercial use or unbehalf of a client. The License Code associated with this item can be use to activate the item multiple time without any restriction. This item is still not allow to be resale as it is but can be use in part of a project to be redistribute.

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