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How can i apply for refund paid for an item?

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Not what you are expecting that your got from the item you purchase or the item is not working as advertised. Refunds are allow if the purchase date is within 30days.

If your want to apply for refund follow below steps:

  1. First leave a comment of the problem in details in the item support/comment section.
  2. Kindly give the author at least 3 business days to make a reply approach
  3. If author did not reply withing the 3 business days please foward the purhase detail to us via our support ticket or click Here to send us direct email and give us 5 businss days we will try to get the author attention and if no respond we complete the refund!

We expect your to foward this bellow detail to our mail for refund check

  • Order number
  • Invoice PDF file (Attached)
  • Date of purchase
  • Reason for refund in full details.


Note: We do not consider item refund with the following situations:

  • You mistakenly purchase the Item.
  • Your server does not meet the item requirement.
  • You no longer need the item.
  • You have not make an attempt to the author if he or she can solve your problems
  • The purchase has been over 30 days.

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