iNik - license managment system

iNik - license managment system

The First and only license managment system with the latest technology to protect the Security and guard of projects

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If your concern about your PHP source code from any theft, misuse and reinstallation without permission has not been resolved until today, we will introduce you to a modern method that will keep your code 100% secure. Using the common encoders Zend Guard, ionCube, sourceguardian and... all have weaknesses. Either the decoders are written for them, or your source is bugged or limited to writing a special PHP, which is very time-consuming and requires multiple tasks. In addition, you often have very high costs for their preparation, and they also do not provide you with 100% security.

With this script, you can define permissions and licenses for all "php codes and projects, scripts, store systems, site builders, templates, plugins, etc." It doesn't matter if your source, template and plugin is WordPress or WooCommerce, zero to one hundred programmed by yourself or not... with the help of this software, you will be able to define the license and limit it. Due to the fact that this product has a dedicated API, you can use it to license all your products without using coding knowledge.



Username: admin

Password: 123456


​The fastest and safest possible way to protect PHP source codes without the need for programming knowledge

Defining the license on the domain name , subdomain, on the IP

Very high security and using a unique algorithm​

The possibility of defining multiple licenses for one domain (when the user uses Park Domain and with multiple domains, he will not have the problem of illegal licenses)

The possibility of defining long-term licenses with a completely controllable time frame by the project manager (suitable for periodical, monthly, annual services, the need for recharging, etc.)​

Sending a report to you in the system if your source is installed in a non-virtual domain​

High security system management with the ability to block attacker IPs to the login page and send IPs to the system administrator's email​

Multilingual management with the ability to add unlimited languages​

Customization of error notifications of license expiration, license deactivation, and unauthorized domain in license use​

Defining a new administrator with the ability to set the access level


PHP 7+




Has an easy installation package

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