DigMart - Multivendor Digital MarketPlace PHP

DigMart - Multivendor Digital MarketPlace PHP

An very powerful multivendor digital marketplace to sell digital products.

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Welcome To Digmart!

Have your ever want to start your own Digital Marketplace and you want to sell your source codes and earn cool income.

Here come DigMart a multivendor Digital Market Place where Digital product are sold and download immediately.

DigMart comes with multivendor feature which allow other users to sell on your website with a certain set discount will be charge on each sale which mean both the product author and the site owner earn. That is Fun Huh!

DigMart comes with amazing and easy to use File uploading system which does not require the page to load to upload your awesome product.

DigMart comes with a very secure payment and popular payment gateways Paypal and Stripe. Any other payment gateways can easily be implement base on buyer required.

DigMart Logs and send all activities email to the respective receivers e.g Item rating notifications, Transactions notification, Item comments notification.

DigMart comes with 8 different and customizable email template with owner can esilly customize as it taste.

This is the first installment of digmart much more feature are plan in near future to keep it more intresting this product will be continus updating frequently.

Happy Market I wish you Good Lucks in sales.

Admin panel: http://digmart.zubdev.net/admi...

user credentials is been there for you just click on the login button to feel the Control Panel.

How to test purchasing of item in demo

1. Use a testing paypal api account.

2. Use stripe as check out and use this test cards

4242424242424242VisaAny 3 digitsAny future date
4000056655665556Visa (debit)Any 3 digitsAny future date
5555555555554444MastercardAny 3 digitsAny future date
2223003122003222Mastercard (2-series)Any 3 digitsAny future date
5200828282828210Mastercard (debit)Any 3 digitsAny future date
5105105105105100Mastercard (prepaid)Any 3 digitsAny future date
378282246310005American ExpressAny 4 digitsAny future date
371449635398431American ExpressAny 4 digitsAny future date
6011111111111117DiscoverAny 3 digitsAny future date

Current Version: 3.6.0

Update Note:

>> Base on Customer Request: We have now Implement user badge feature and admin update user credit.

Have Fun! 

Version 1.1.0 (22 Oct 2019)
>> Fixes bugs
Version 1.2.0 (24th Oct 2019)
>> Bug Ficed 
>> Added send email to all Register users.
Version 1.3.0 (29 Oct 2019)
>> Added Affiliate Program Feature.
Version 1.4.0 (5rh Nov 2019)
>> Added Weekly Free File
>> Added Weekly Free file count down date
Version 1.5.0 (12 Nov 2019)
>> Added User Follow / UnFollow system
>> Following Authors Item Feed.
Version 1.6.0 (14 Nov 2019)
>> Messaging system
Version 1.7.0 (20 Nov 2019)
>> Brand New Theme is now Added (Theme name: DigCool)
>> More Performance in Administrator Section
Version 1.8.0 (25 Nov 2019)
>> Added Bitcoin Payment Gateway
>> More Improvement
Version 1.8.2 (28 Nov 2019)
>> Added ability to Activate and Deactivate preferred payment gateway as request by most users.
Version 1.9.0 (2 Dec 2019)
>> Added Dynamic header and footer contents
>> User can purchase item via their Available Credit Balance.
>> Live preview are now in the Application embedded iframe.
Version 1.9.1 (4 Dec 2019)
>> Added author sale statement
>> Added item license which contain the item purchase code and can be download in pdf format
>> More footer content added to the both themes
>> Dynamic social network follow links now added.
Version 2.0.0 (9 Dec 2019)
>> Blog System Added
>> Massive Implement and Performance
Version 2.2.0 (6 Jan 2020)
>> Add Flash sale Discount
>> Flash sale discount timer
>> More Improvement and Bug fixes.
Version 2.3.0 (14 Jan 2020)
>> Item like and Dislike functionality added
>> Massive improve in item list for Flash and Free Files
>> Performance improve alot.
Version 2.4.0 (20 Jan 2020)
>> Social Login Feature (Facebook and Google)
>> User account seperation (Customer and Author account)
>> Upload bug fix in Digcool theme.
Version 2.4.1 (17 Feb 2020)
>> Erros on PHP 7.3 and 7.4 has been resolved
>> Problem with ReCaptha on default theme now fixed.
Version 2.5.0 (25 Feb 2020)
>> User badge level System has been added
>> Admin control user credit balance in Admin Panel
>> Minor bugs fixed
Version 2.6.0 (02 Mar 2020)
>> Added Amazon s3 storage for Zipped Files (Large Files)
>> Item Download improved
>> Control Panel Improvment!
Version 2.7.0 (06 Mar 2020)
>> Amazon s3 Storage file downloading bug Fixed
>> Item license in pdf format bug in latest php version Fixed!
Version 2.8.0 (30 Mar 2020)
>> Credit Pack added - User can now buy credit bundle plan.
>> Fixes credit purchasing bugs!
Version 2.9.0 (15 Apr 2020)
>> Added Extended Licence Feature
>> Added Multiple Screen Shot preview
>> Improve item comments section
>> Improve Slug for other languages
Version 3.0.0 (24 Apr 2020)
>> Remove GoUrl Bitcoin Payment Gateway
>> Added CoinPayment Bitcoin Payment Gateway (Instant Withdraw)
>> Can now set Tax Charge base on each Payment Methods
>> Improve Performance
Version 3.1.0 (27 Apr 2020)
>> Fix 404 error in Social share links
>> Fix Twitter share link preview bugs
>> Fix Mis-function became an author bugs
Version 3.2.0 (06 May 2020)
>> Remove old popup login
>> Added new Standard and secure Login system
>> Go back to intended url login feature
>> Added Forum System
>> Added Dynamic and Auto-generated Sitemap feature
>> Fix bugs
Version 3.3.0 (13 May 2020)
>> Improve item screenshot view
>> Added Add to Wishlist's feature
>> Fix Bugs!
Version 3.4 (20 May 2020)
>> Can now Add Watermark text to item preview
>> Fix bug and issues.
Version 3.5.0 (04 June 2020)
>> Can now enable and disable multivendor functionaliy
>> Clickable tags link for seo
>> Purchasing of credit with bitcoin now added
>> Fix bugs
Version 3.6.0 (12 June 2020)
>> Paypal live checkout bug resolved
>> Total authors item sold bugs fixed.
Version 3.8.0 (29 Jan 2021)
>> Improve default them on Item Image Clickable
>> Perform some codebase improve for performace


  1. Adminstrative Panel

  1. Friendly and easy use design
  2. Customizable email templates
  3. SMTP email configuration
  4. Free from sql inection
  5. Free from xss 
  6. Multivendor features
  7. Item rating
  8. item comments
  9. And many more.
  10. Affinate Programe (10% on item sold via ref link)
  11. User Follow system
  12. User UnFollow system
  13. Messaging system
  14. Two Different Theme (Selection)
  15. Paypal Payment Gateway
  16. Stripe Payment Gateway
  17. Bitcoin Payment Gateway
  18. Downloadable item license (pdf)
  19. Item like and Dislike
  20. Social login (Facebook and Google)
  21. User Badges System
  22. Amazon s3 Storage
  23. Credit Bundle Packs
  24. Sitemap
  25. Forum System


  1. PHP 7.1+
  2. Apache Mod rewrite
  3. Curl extention
  4. zip extention
  5. Mobstring
  6. PDO extention
  7. LAMP sever recommended
  8. Paypal API Credentials
  9. Stipe API Credentials
  10. Bitcoin Wallet Public and Private Keys


Unzip the file

Kindly open the doc file it just 2 minute to install it.

  • Free Support
  • Future Updates
  • Quality check by CodeWigs
  • Best Quality Product
  • Only One Usage
  • Free Support
  • Future Updates
  • Quality check by CodeWigs
  • Best Quality Product
  • Unlimited Usage

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