Let Donate - Fundraising Donation System Script

Let Donate - Fundraising Donation System Script

A Poweful Online Web Donation Charity and Fundraising System

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Let Donate.

This is a very powerful web application that is base in fundraising and charity website.

An easy to use website with allow the owner to mobilize income from the campaign which are publiched by the approved client to raise funds for a geniue and specific purpose.

The site Administrator will check and approve any requested client which comes in so they can have the ability to public campaign.

Each campaign publish by client are review first by the Admin which will later approve the campaign for publicity so people can start making donation for the specific campaign.

Can I Get Income From A Donation Made?

The answer is "yes"

Because when a client publish a active campaign and such campaign get a donations receive the client may cas in the donation to thier account which will later request to withdrawal from the Admin with the review his or her account to be sure it can be withdraw once the client request for cash in on it own panel a certtain percent set by admin in the campaign setting will be deducted from the client cash in with will be the feef for the admin for running the campaign on their website.

Is This a dynamic website?

Ofcause it is fully dynamic you do not need to do any coding editing to change any thing all website can be modify and change to taste in the administrative panel where we can change the site seeting, campaign discount, email templates, email settings and many more.

What Next?

Do not let us use the whole description to discuss all what Charitify is all about please check out the domo version Front page and the Admin panel also see the Client Panel you can use this below details to login base on panels.

If you will test up the payment system kindly use a sandbox paypal account in the demo site to donate as testing.

Admin panel

Email: [email protected]

Password: admin1234

Client panel

Email: [email protected]

Password: client1234

Please: if you find out any mistake or little bugs please use the discussion section i will get back to you soonest at 1hr of posted time. No body is perfect you must be a proffessional.


✔ Secure Administrative Panel

✔ 100% Responsive Website

✔ Fully Dynamic Website

✔ Sending Notifications Email

✔ Login and Registration with Password reset.

✔ Payment and Withdrawal section.

✔ Free to use and customize Email Template.

✔ Easy to use and Friendly client Panel.

✔ Maximum security.

✔ Free life time Support


  1. PHP 5.6 >
  2. Mysqli 5x
  3. Open file extention
  4. Mod Rewrite Apache.


Unzip the file open the Documention File.

  • Free Support
  • Future Updates
  • Quality check by CodeWigs
  • Best Quality Product
  • Only One Usage
  • Free Support
  • Future Updates
  • Quality check by CodeWigs
  • Best Quality Product
  • Unlimited Usage

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