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The 2024 GGN Community Mock Draft is now open. The Chicago Bears get on the clock. Selections might be made promptly, and as soon as one selection is made the next choice is on the clock. Nevertheless, NO PICK SCHEDULES BEFORE FRIDAY, MARCH 22 AT 7 A. M. EDT. We wish to move this along as briskly as feasible, so if individuals are prepared to choose right away that's fantastic, yet everybody still gets at the very least 12 hours from the main opening time of 6 P. M. Thursday, March 21, 2024. Please note that if your 12 hour time port falls whenever in between 11 P. M. and 7 A. M. EDT, after that you have until 7 A. M. EDT to make your string IS ONLY FOR MAKING SELECTIONS. All other discussions, comments, jokes, and so on belong in the conversation Fanpost connected Here. Anything uploaded in the remarks of this Selection Thread that isn't a selection will be is the current draft order. This will certainly change as professions flow in. All trades and options will be published in this 11. New England J-Cubed): Caleb Williams2. Washington Pikachu1908): Jayden Daniels3. Chicago GenoTime7): Marvin Harrison, Jr. 4. Arizona Traveling Man): Malik Nabers5. Los Angeles Chargers JesusHatesTheJets): Joe Alt6. New York City Giants shiff71): Drake Maye7. Tennessee Njb45): Taliese Fuaga8. Atlanta TG77): Laiatu Latu9. Chicago GenoTime7): Dallas Turner10. New York Jets superhuman): Rome Odunze11. Minnesota DMAC17): J. J. McCarthy12. Denver GenoTime7): Brock Bowers13. Las Las Vega Glenncf74nets): Terrion Arnold14. New Orleans ): Brian Thomas, Jr. 15. Indianapolis stanton nelson riveria): Cooper DeJean16. Seattle Pikachu1908): Cut Robinson17. Jacksonville Imacamper): Quinyon Mitchell18. Cincinnati Tevetorbes6): Olumuyiwa Fashanu19. Los Angeles Rams big ant): Jared Verse20. Pittsburgh NickySantoro): Jackson Powers-Johnson21. Baltimore Huge Jets Follower): Adonai Mitchell22. Philadelphia Canadian Jet): Kool-Aid McKinstry23. Minnesota DMAC17): Byron Murphy II24. Dallas ToiletBowles): Amarius Mims25. Eco-friendly Bay BroNamath): Nate Wiggins26. Tampa Fl Bay Psi * Psi): Troy Fautanu27. Arizona Taking A Trip Male): Ladd McConkey28. Buffalo ToddtoWalker): Graham Barton29. Detroit JoeyMagz): JC Latham30. Miami gamerk316): Jer' Zhan Newton31. San Francisco 7 to Shea): Tyler Guyton32. Kansas City JerseyJet24): Ricky PearsallROUND 233. Carolina AngeloMays): Xavier Legette34. Chicago GenoTime7): Bo Nix35. Arizona Traveling Guy): Kamari Lassiter36. Washington Pikachu1908): Darius Robinson37. Los Angeles Chargers JesusHatesTheJets): Troy Franklin38. Tennessee Njb45): T'Vondre Sweat39. Carolina AngeloMays): Chris Braswell40. Washington Pikachu1908): Jordan Morgan41. Green Bay BroNamath): Kingsley Suamataia42. Houston Janksum): Malachi Corley43. Atlanta TG77): Tyler Nubin44. Las Las Vega DMAC17): Xavier Worthy45. New Orleans ): Michael Penix Jr. 46. Cincinnati Tevetorbes6): Keon Coleman47. New York City Giants shiff71): Jalen McMillan48. Jacksonville Imacamper): Patrick Paul49. Cincinnati Tevetorbes6): Cooper Beebe50. Philadelphia Canadian Jet): Junior Colson51. Pittsburgh NickySantoro): Mike Sainristil52. Los Angeles Rams JesusHatesTheJets): Ennis Rakestraw Jr Jack Youngblood Jersey. 53. Philadelphia Canadian Jet): Payton Wilson54. Cleveland superhuman): Edgerrin Cooper55. Miami gamerk316): Roman Wilson 56. Dallas ToiletBowles): Jonathon Brooks57. Tampa Bay Bay Psi * Psi): Zach Frazier58. Green Bay BroNamath): Kris Jenkins59. Houston Janksum): Braden Fiske60. Buffalo ToddtoWalker): Ja'Lynn Polk61. Detroit JoeyMagz): Marshawn Kneeland62. Baltimore Significant Jets Follower): Layden Robinson63. San Francisco 7 to Shea): Brenden Rice64. Kansas City JerseyJet24): Kiran AmegadjieROUND 365. Carolina AngeloMays): Jeremiah Trotter66. Arizona Taking A Trip Man): Elijah Jones67. Washington Pikachu1908): Roger Rosengarten68. New England J-Cubed): Max Melton69. Los Angeles Chargers JesusHatesTheJets): TJ Tampa70. New York City Giants shiff71): Javon Baker71. Arizona Traveling Guy): Sedrick Van Pran72. New York City Jets superhuman): Blake Fisher73. Detroit JoeyMagz): Ja'Tavion Sanders74. Atlanta TG77): Ruke Orhorhoro75. Chicago GenoTime7): Jaylen Ford76. Denver GenoTime7): Spencer Rattler77. Las Vegas DMAC17): Jaylen Wright78. Washington Pikachu1908): Malik Washington79. Atlanta TG77): Khyree Jackson80. Cincinnati Tevetorbes6): Christian Haynes81. Seattle Pikachu1908): Zak Zinter82. Indianapolis stanton nelson riveria): Jaden Hicks83. Los Angeles Rams JesusHatesTheJets): Cedrick Gray84. Pittsburgh NickySantoro): Jermaine Burton85. Cleveland square1): K. T. Leveston86. Houston Janksum): Dominic Puni87. Dallas ToiletBowles): Christian Mahogany88. Environment-friendly Bay BroNamath): Kamren Kinchens89. Tampa Bay Bay Psi * Psi): Adisa Isaac90. Arizona Taking A Trip Man): Christian Jones91. Green Bay BroNamath): Audric Estime92. Tampa Bay Bay Psi * Psi): Devontez Walker93. Miami gamerk316): D. J. James94. San Francisco 7 to Shea): Austin Booker95. Kansas City JerseyJet24): Gabriel Murphy96. Jacksonville Imacamper): Michael Hall Jr. 97. Cincinnati Tevetorbes6): Cade Stover98. Pittsburgh NickySantoro): Jonah Ellis99. Los Angeles Rams JesusHatesTheJets): Ainias Smith100. Washington Pikachu1908): Javon BullardROUND 4101. Carolina AngeloMays): Blake Corum102. Seattle Pikachu1908): Ben Sinnott103. Chicago GenoTime7): Mekhi Wingo104. Arizona Taking A Trip Male): Bralen Trice105. Los Angeles Chargers JesusHatesTheJets): Trey Benson106. Tennessee Njb45): Luke McCaffrey107. New York Giants shiff71): Camera Hart108. Minnesota DMAC17): Mason McCormick109. Atlanta TG77): Johnny Wilson110. Los Angeles Chargers JesusHatesTheJets): Theo Johnson111. New York Jets superhuman): Cole Bishop112. Las Las Vega DMAC17): Brandon Dorlus113. Baltimore Huge Jets Fan): Dadrion Taylor-Demerson114. Jacksonville Imacamper): Javon Solomon115. Cincinnati Tevetorbes6): Renardo Green116. Jacksonville Imacamper): Will Shipley117. Indianapolis stanton nelson riveria): Isaac Guerendo118. Seattle Pikachu1908): McKinnley Jackson119. Pittsburgh NickySantoro): Matt Goncalves120. Philadelphia Canadian Jet): Jamari Thrash121. Denver GenoTime7): Jordan Travis 122. Chicago GenoTime7): Braelon Allen123. Houston Janksum): Jarrian Jones124. San Francisco 7 to Shea): Nehemiah Pritchett125. Tampa Florida Bay Psi * Psi): Kris Abrams-Draine126. Green Bay BroNamath): James Williams127. Houston Janksum): Brandon Coleman128. Buffalo ToddtoWalker): Calen Bullock129. Minnesota DMAC17): Kalen King130. Baltimore Big Jets Follower): Javon Foster131. Kansas City JerseyJet24): Dylan Laube132. San Francisco 7 to Shea): Sataoa Laumea133. Buffalo ToddtoWalker): DeWayne Carter134. New York City Jets superhuman): Anthony Gould135. San Francisco 7 to Shea): Leonard Taylor IIIROUND 5136. Denver GenoTime7): Giovanni Manu137. New England Tevetorbes6): Caedan Wallace138. Arizona Taking A Trip Male): Drake Nugent139. Washington Pikachu1908): Caelen Carson140. Los Angeles Chargers JesusHatesTheJets): Ryan Flournoy141. Carolina AngeloMays): Jared Wiley142. Carolina AngeloMays): Javion Cohen143. Atlanta TG77): Kristian Boyd144. Buffalo ToddtoWalker): Daequan Hardy145. Denver GenoTime7): Maason Smith146. Tennessee Njb45): Tanner McLachlan147. Denver GenoTime7): Tommy Eichenberg148. Las Vegas DMAC17): Tykee Smith149. Cincinnati Tevetorbes6): MarShawn Lloyd150. New Orleans ): Beaux Limmer151. Indianapolis stanton nelson riveria): Isaiah Adams152 Washington Pikachu1908): Brennan Jackson153. Jacksonville Imacamper): Tanor Bortolini154. Tennessee Njb45): Bucky Irving155. Los Angeles Rams JesusHatesTheJets): Michael Pratt156. Cleveland square1): Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint157. Minnesota DMAC17): Walter Rouse158. Miami gamerk316): Trevor Keegan159. Kansas City JerseyJet24): Dylan McMahon160. Buffalo ToddtoWalker): Mohamed Kamara161. Philadelphia Canadian Jet): Braiden McGregor162. Tennessee Njb45): Drake Stoops163. Buffalo ToddtoWalker): Kitan Oladapo164. Kansas City JerseyJet24): Kamal Hadden165. Miami gamerk316): Jaheim Bell166. New York City Giants shiff71): Ray Davis167. Minnesota DMAC17): Jacob Cowing168. New Orleans ): Tyler Davis169. Environment-friendly Bay Tevetorbes6): Andru Phillips170. New Orleans Pikachu1908): Tylan Grable171. Philadelphia Canadian Jet): Delmar Glaze172. Philly Canadian Jet): Tajh Washington173. Kansas City JerseyJet24): Malik Mustapha174. Dallas ToiletBowles): Trevin Wallace175. New Orleans Pikachu1908): Jarvis Brownlee176. San Francisco 7 to Shea): Dallin HolkerROUND 6177. Minnesota DMAC17): Marist Liufau178. Pittsburgh NickySantoro): Xavier Thomas179. Seattle Pikachu1908): Dominique Hampton180. New England Tevetorbes6): Seeker Nourzad181. Los Angeles Chargers JesusHatesTheJets): Beau Brade182. Arizona Imacamper): Jalyx Hunt183. New York Giants shiff71): Josh Newton184. Miami gamerk316): Justin Eboigbe185. New York Jets superhuman): Suggestion Reiman186. Arizona Imacamper): Tory Taylor187. Atlanta TG77): Nathan Thomas188. Houston Janksum): Zion Tupuola-Fetul189. Buffalo ToddtoWalker): Julian Pearl190. New Orleans Pikachu1908): Jaylen Harrell191. New Orleans Pikachu1908): Qwa n'tez Stiggers192. Seattle Pikachu1908): Nathaniel Watson193. New England Tevetorbes6): Cornelius Johnson194. Cincinnati Tevetorbes6): Jordan Jefferson195. Pittsburgh NickySantoro): Chau Smith-Wade196. Los Angeles Rams JesusHatesTheJets): Will Reichard197. Atlanta TG77): Edefuan Ulufoshio198. Miami gamerk316): Ty'Ron Hopper199. New York Jets superhuman): Beanie Bishop200. Buffalo ToddtoWalker): Bub Means201. Detroit JoeyMagz): Marcus Harris202. Environment-friendly Bay Tevetorbes6): Gottlieb Ayedze203. Denver GenoTime7): Isaiah Williams204. Buffalo ToddtoWalker): Jordan Magee205. Kansas City JerseyJet24): Evan Anderson206. Cleveland square1): Trente Jones207. Denver GenoTime7): Nelson Caesar208. Las Las Vega DMAC17): Michael Jurgens209. Seattle Pikachu1908): Charles Turner III210. Philadelphia Canadian Jet): Erick All211. San Francisco 7 to Shea): Evan Williams212. Jacksonville Imacamper): Josh Proctor213. Seattle Pikachu1908): Fabien Lovett214. Cincinnati Tevetorbes6): MJ Devonshire215. San Francisco 7 to Shea): Dwight McGlothern216. Dallas ToiletBowles): Tyrone Tracy Jr. 217. Seattle Pikachu1908): Dillon Johnson218. Baltimore Huge Jets Follower): Rasheen Ali219. Eco-friendly Bay Tevetorbes6): Myles Harden220. Tampa Bay Bay MacGregor Wells): Jalen CokerROUND 7221. Kansas City JerseyJet24): Tyler Owens222. Washington Pikachu1908): A. J. Barner223. Las Las Vega DMAC17): Miles Battle224. Cincinnati Tevetorbes6): Jaylin Simpson225. Los Angeles Chargers JesusHatesTheJets): Jalen Sundell226. Arizona Imacamper): Sione Vaki227. Tennessee TG77): Cedric Johnson228. Baltimore Huge Jets Follower): Eric Watts229. Las Las Vega DMAC17): Grayson Murphy230. Minnesota DMAC17): Kimani Vidal231. New England Tevetorbes6): Myles Cole232. Minnesota DMAC17): Joshua Karty233. Dallas ToddtoWalker): Keith Randolph Jr. 234. Indianapolis stanton nelson riveria): Hayden Hattan235. Seattle Pikachu1908): Decamerion Richardson236. Jacksonville Imacamper): Cole Burgess237. Cincinnati Tevetorbes6): Jaden Crumedy238 Clay Matthews Jersey. Houston Janksum): Jamree Kromah239. New Orleans Pikachu1908): Gabe Hall240. Carolina AngeloMays): Ethan Driscoll241. Miami gamerk316): Joe Milton III242. Tennessee TG77): Tyrice Knight243. Cleveland square1): Justin Rogers244. Dallas ToddtoWalker): Micah Abraham245. Eco-friendly Bay Tevetorbes6): Isaiah Davis246. Tampa Bay Bay MacGregor Wells): Garret Greenfield247. Houston Janksum): Luke Reimer248. Buffalo ToddtoWalker): George Holani249. Detroit JoeyMagz): Devin Leary250. Baltimore Massive Jets Follower): Ladarius Henderson251. San Francisco 7 to Shea): Darius Muasau252. Tennessee TG77): Kingsley Eguakun253. Los Angeles Chargers JesusHatesTheJets): Deantre Prince254. Los Angeles Rams JesusHatesTheJets): Tarheeb Still255. Green Bay Tevetorbes6): Josiah Ezirim256. New York City Jets superhuman): Nouredin Nouili257. New York City Jets superhuman): Trey TaylorTeams without a preliminary option: Carolina AngeloMays) Houston Janksum) Cleveland square1) TRADESBears profession 2024 Choose # 1 to Patriots for 2024 Picks # 3, # 34, # 103 and a conditional 2025 2nd that intensifies to an initial if Patriots Choose # 1 plays 75% of the snaps. Jets trade QB Zach Wilson to Bears for a conditional 5th round 2025 NFL draft pick. If Zach makes the lineup out of camp the Jets get a 5th round choice if he does not the Jets obtain a 6th round choice. Jets trade TE Jeremy Ruckert to Colts for 2024 pick # 191 and a 2025 6th round trade L'Jarius Sneed to Lions for 2024 picks # 164 and # 205 and a 2025 second round trade 2024 pick # 21 to Ravens for 2024 choices # 30, # 93 and # 165Bengals trade Tee Higgins to Colts for 2024 choice # 46, a 2025 1st round pick and Josh DownsTitans profession 2024 pick # 182 and a 2025 5th to Cardinals for 2024 pick # 162Titans trade Treylon Burks to Rams for 2024 choice # 154Saints profession 2024 pick # 199 and a 2025 sixth to Jets for 2024 pick # 191Los Angeles Rams trade 2024 choices # 209, 213 and 217 to Seahawks for a 2025 fourth

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