Why is my item get rejected?

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Your item get rejected do not feel bad ite happens to many others too even the best author get their rejected some time.

If we reject your item we will try to state a reason for the rejection. Items can be recject with the following section:

Soft Reject

If in case your item is reject with the section (Soft Reject) you are just one step closer in making it to the market meaning that we require some minor fix or additon to your item. If soft reject is the case we are going to state what we want your to actually add or fix and you can resubmit the item again for Re-review.

Hard Reject

If in case your item is rejected with Hard Reject this means that your item is not qualify enough to be sold as a premium item. In this case if the item is re-submit with little or no changes it will not be approved to our market. So we advise you that if the item is rejected with Hard Reject please do not resubmit the item again with little or no changes.

Here are some few cases your item might get reject with Hard Reject

  1. No documentation included: We understand we spend time creating the amazing item and we want you to also understand that the buyer buying your item need guide on how to set and use the item properly. So we encourage a proper and well documented guides. Documentation can be in a well stuctured Web Page, Portable Document Format(PDF) or a Text Format (txt).
  2. No demo link, Scrrenshor or Video Docuemtation Included: If you are submiting your item you must at least provide a demo version of your product if it can not be in a live demo view then let it contain a screenshot or a video preveiw. So this help the buyer to check and well understand what they are goin to buy.
  3. Item quality is not suitable for sale: The section is related to item qualities and design if your item quality does not meet our Quality Requirement it will be reject in our MarketPlace.
  4. You did not have the right to sell thei item: If you are trying to sell an item which it not yours not only your item will be reject but your account will also be banned from our marketplace we do not encourage a theft item so author like this should please find else where to amek such approach not here. Please do not try to sell an item you did not create with your hands it it not proper resalling othere peoples handwork.

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